Divorce is difficult…
But the outcome should not be a surprise.

Maximize the wealth of BOTH parties​​.
Create a post-divorce financial plan.​

Allow our trained CPAs to mediate your divorce.

Our team of child development psychologists will guide you through the difficult decisions of child custody and parenting schedules.

Divorce by CPA – Divorce Mediation

Take control of your divorce proceedings.  Don’t allow the court to control your schedule and make decisions for you.  Keep your divorce private and out of public display.  Let us guide you through the process.  No need to go to court.

As divorce mediation trained certified public accountants, we have a duty and ethical requirement to maintain independence from the parties.  We don’t take sides.  We are specially trained and CERTIFIED divorce mediators.  We specialize in tax and financial management and can help each party minimize their tax and maximize their wealth, despite the hardships caused by divorce. As a CPA/MBA with extensive business management skills, we understand the inner workings of a family business and can assess valuation and operational requirements.

Child custody and parenting schedules should not be decided by the courts, let our team of child psychologists guide you through the difficult decisions which place the interests of the children first.



Meet the Mediator

James Valle is a California CPA with court-approved certifications in divorce and commercial mediation. He has a proven track record of successfully mediating highly contested dispute resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mediation?  What does it cost?  Do I need an attorney?

All of these and many other questions are answered.

What We Offer

The most important thing we offer is your ability to control the process and outcome of your divorce. Nothing is more important than for you to control your life decisions.

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