What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a confidential, informal, and voluntary process in which a specially trained, neutral mediator guides you through your entire divorce.  Agreements are reached which meet the needs of all family members.  When there are children involved, the primary focus is on their best interests.  The end result is a complete legal divorce which never requires going to court. See other benefits of mediated divorce.

James Valle & Company, CPAs has specially trained CPA/MBAs with extensive business management skills that can easily understand the inner workings of a family business and can assess valuation and operational requirements.  These mediators have a proven track record of highly contested dispute resolution.  They are specially trained in tax and financial management and can help each party minimize their tax and maximize their wealth, despite the hardships caused by divorce.

Why CPAs?

Certified Public Accountants have a duty and ethical requirement to maintain independence from the parties.  They don’t take sides.  This fully ingrained attribute ensures fair and balanced treatment for both parties.There are some cases where a specially trained professional can help solve important issues.  Some cases involve complex estate planning or legal structures where an attorney can provide excellent guidance and advice to help resolve the issues.  Child psychologists are also consulted when the issues involve complex child behavioral or development issues.  James Valle & Company, CPAs utilized a Panel of highly qualified child psychologists, attorneys and Legal Documents Assistants to meet the needs of our clients.  Our goal is to provide the best resolution achievable where all parties are equally satisfied.

Unlike a judge in a trial or hearing, the mediator does not impose a decision upon the parties but rather allows parties to explore their concerns, identify areas that must reach resolution and creatively explore a variety of ways to resolve the disputed issues to the mutual satisfaction of the parties.

Mediation has at least five very important benefits.  It is usually tens of thousands of dollars less expensive than the customary, attorney led adversarial divorce proceeding.  Second, it allows the parties to dictate the outcome of their divorce as opposed to the outcome being dictated to the parties by a judge.  Third, the worst mediated resolution is better than the best judicial determination.  Fourth, the parties are generally more satisfied with the process as it leaves a better sense of emotional well being of the parties.  Fifth, the process is significantly shorter than the traditional adversarial court proceedings.



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