• Comprehensive Divorce Mediation – Nearly every divorce involves four primary issues; 1) identifying and distributing the assets; 2)  identifying and distributing the liabilities; c)   determination of spousal support (alimony) and child support (if applicable) and;  d) if children are involved, the creation of a parenting plan (child custody).  James Valle & Company, CPAs provides a comprehensive divorce mediation service to assist the parties in reaching a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA), which sets out all of the agreements reached on the four major issues. Once the MSA has been approved and signed by all parties, it is filed with the court along with other required legal forms, and becomes an order of the court, resulting in a full legal divorce
    • Financial Mediation – Some divorces involve complex financial issues which are the only barriers to an otherwise uncontested divorce.  A Certified Public Accountant with an MBA from a top rated university and extensive entrepreneurial and corporate experience can assist the parties in understanding the important issues, help determine asset valuations, advise the parties on income tax implications, and assist with financial planning.  This includes assisting in determining how to evaluate and distribute property, manage debt, or restructure jointly held assets and liabilities. We help overcome the emotional attachments and non-financial barriers which prevent reaching an agreement.  We focus on reaching a Marital Settlement Agreement which will maximize the combined net worth of the parties in a fair and balanced way.
    • Single Issue Mediation – Occasionally we encounter the fortunate couple who have the state of mind to resolve all but a single issue in their divorce.  We strive to assist the parties to accurately and succinctly identify the issue and then work closely with them to reach an agreement on the resolution.  These issues include but are not limited to, child custody (parenting agreements), child and/or spousal (alimony) support.
    • Martial Business Mediation – The valuation, distribution and post dissolution operation, of family owned and operated businesses can be one of the most challenging and highly contested issues in a divorce.  Our Certified Public Accountants are highly trained MBAs with extensive entrepreneurial and corporate experience.  They have a proven track record of solving highly contested business disputes.  We understand flexibility in financial reporting for closely held, family run businesses and can help decipher the underlying values while taking into account fully discretionary spending patterns.   We can assist in the tax planning and compliance of the underlying transactions and coordinate any multigenerational issues.
    • Divorce Planning – Over many years of professional practice, we have found a vast majority of our clients have suffered from the results of poor divorce planning.  Often times, both parties could have avoided the pitfalls of a bad divorce, had they planned for the divorce BEFORE hiring attorneys and filing for divorce. Often times, the adversarial nature of the attorney led divorce leads to costly fighting over issues on a piecemeal basis.  This results in a very expensive, lengthy and uncoordinated battle between the parties which usually leads to a marriage dissolution that minimizes the combined net wealth of the parties.  Effective divorce planning considers all aspects of tax, estate, and financial planning while coordinating the future needs of the children (if any), and maximizing the combined net worth of the parties in a fair and balanced way.  We offer one or both parties effective divorce planning strategies to help minimize the effects of divorce.
    • Other Agreement Assistance – Legal Separation Agreements, Temporary Separation Agreements, Modification of court orders, Marital Agreements (Premarital and Post Marital), Cohabitation Agreements and Domestic Partnership Agreements



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